The House of Representatives—known as “The People’s House”—is more totally dysfunctional than it has ever been. The evidence is clear and overwhelming: it will stay that way while the current Republican majority continues.

We need to pay attention to problems like the climate change crisis, our dangerously crumbling infrastructure, our imbalanced economy, affordable higher education, comprehensive immigration reform, common sense gun safety laws (which are supported by the majority of people), accessible and affordable healthcare and so many other crucial needs for our country. We’re not getting that from the current “leadership” there. Instead of working on these important issues--issues that impact families in CD25 as well as the rest of the country. they’d rather vote 60+ times to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or ObamaCare), in spite of knowing full well that it will be vetoed by the President--that is, if it even gets a vote in the Senate, given that 60 votes are needed even to bring up a bill in the Senate.

If you want your Congressperson, your Representative, to actually work on these issues and others that make a real difference to you, then we need to make a change in the House. You need someone who knows this district and who actually lives in this district - unlike my opponent. You need someone who has spent a lot of time as a regular citizen, dealing with what we deal with every day as part of the 99%. You need someone who will work for the 99% - currently we don’t have that.

As we’ve seen with the GOP primary Presidential candidates, they’re fighting to see who can “jump the shark” (be the most outrageous) the most times. They’re not living in the same world as the rest of us.  We live in reality, although they’re darn sure trying to ratchet up the element of fear in our daily lives. Did you know, for example, you’re more likely to be shot by a toddler than a terrorist. To hear my opponent and his ilk speak, you’d think a terrorist was behind every tree!

Let’s work together to move our country forward in hope and in the knowledge that when we work together, we are stronger and smarter.

I am running for Congress, not to march in lockstep with the Democratic Party, right or wrong, but to march in lockstep with reason, regardless of whether what it mandates is politically popular. The House has bigger things to do than they’re currently doing, and you should insist they get busy doing them.

I ask for your trust; I ask for your vote for Texas Congressional District 25.


My Pledge to You

I, Kathi Thomas,
Candidate for Congress, Texas CD25
pledge the following to you:

1.  I will remain a fiscal conservative, which does not mean I won’t vote to spend money or raise taxes. It does mean I’ll thoughtfully consider how any expenditures or taxes affect middle and lower income people, now and in the future.

2.  My faith will inform my decisions, but I will not cast any votes that forces a particular religious viewpoint on anyone else. That does not mean that everyone will like every vote I cast, some may feel that my vote denies them the right to discriminate against “other,” but I will make those votes in the knowledge that our founders understood how having an “official religion” in countries had harmed so many, and the importance of keeping Church and State separate, so that neither one governs the other.

3.  I will work to get “dark money” out of elections, because I believe that as long as the cancer that is “dark money” runs our political process, our middle class will continue to be squeezed out of existence.

4. I will not sacrifice long term good for short term gain.

5. My primary job, if I am fortunate enough to win this election, will be to help bring good governance back to our people, rather than just fundraising so I can get re-elected.

6. I will keep my daughter and future generations in mind with every vote I make. The Cherokee believe you should look at how your decisions affect people seven generations in the future, and that is a good model to follow.

7. I will not live, or vote, in fear.

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