Climate Change response, Thomas vs Williams

Climate Change response, Thomas vs Williams


Climate change- over 90% of scientists say it is real and that humans are contributing to it. The few who don’t are mostly financed by Big Oil.  

Think of it this way: if you were sick, and 9 doctors told you that you needed to quit doing X or you would die, but 1 disagreed (and that one happens to work for the company that makes X), on which would you be willing to bet your life?

My opponent doesn’t address climate change on his website, but given his votes, it is a safe bet that: 1. he doesn’t think that we can do anything differently that will make our earth safer for the future, 2.  doesn’t believe that climate change is affected by humans, or 3. he doesn’t care about the future. None are stances our elected leaders, those who CAN pass legislation to make changes, should have.

 A few examples of those votes:

1.    Rep. Williams voted for big oil subsidies for drilling on public lands (Roll Call vote 408)

2.   Rep. Williams voted to undermine the Clean Air Act (House Roll Call vote 384)

3.   Rep. Williams voted for H.R. 2028, the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016, which moves us backward on energy policy by slashing funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency while boosting funding for dirty fossil fuels. 

Source:  League of Conservation Voters,


We have been subsidizing big oil for generations. We need to change those subsidies to clean, renewable energy, and to thorium research (a promising form of safe nuclear energy) and we need to do it without delay.  We also need to do it in a way that creates jobs and strengthens our economy.  The longer we wait to act, the more it will cost. 

Every year we push it back is less time for our children and grandchildren to have a safe earth. It may not be a big problem while my generation is alive, but I care about what our daughter inherits from us, and with what those who come after will have to live. If predictions are correct, the land my family has owned since the 1830’s in SE Texas may become beachfront property in the next 100 years. While that would certainly improve its value, I don’t think my family’s personal future profit trumps the welfare of people in coastal areas, not only of our state and country, but of the entire world.

Most Americans understand the dangers of climate change and want Congress to take responsible action.  (“The poll found that 83 percent of Americans, including 61 percent of Republicans and 86 percent of independents, say that if nothing is done to reduce emissions, global warming will be a very or somewhat serious problem in the future”)  As your Representative, I will work with Democrats and Republicans to implement solutions to climate change that reduce risks while strengthening our economy.  The responsible thing for our environment and our economy is to take action now to address climate change.  


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