We all wait a fair shake, a shot at the American Dream.

Texans have a strong sense of justice. We believe in fairness. We believe that when someone works hard, they should have a fair shot at getting ahead, getting a good education, a good job, providing for their needs and the needs of their family.

We want to be healthy, and to have access to affordable healthcare in our own backyards.

We want clean air, and water that is safe to drink. We want the jobs of the future, not the past. We want our education to foster new and creative ideas. We’ve been the innovators, and we need to be so again.

We know that immigrants are important to our economy. They’re also our neighbors, our friends, and our families. We want to build bridges, not walls. We know our immigration system is broken as it is now, and that we need to stop postulating and start legislating, passing laws that make moral and economic sense.

Texans are good people, we want to be treated with respect and dignity, and we need to treat all with that same respect and allow them the dignity they deserve. My ancestors came here for a better life- a second chance, and folks are still coming for that same reason. Texas is rich enough to provide the opportunities for all.

We must have a government that has the vision of our original motto, "E Pluribus Unum”, not one that walls off people into “tribes” and foments fear and hatred. We need to elect people to Congress who are there to work for you. Someone who will put YOU at the center of every vote cast. We want to elect someone who is running to serve, not just running to get elected.

I ask for your trust and your confidence.  In 2018, I need your vote for Texas Congressional District 25.



Promises I make to you:

1.       I will listen to you. I will represent your concerns in Washington.

2.       I am a fiscal conservative, but I will vote to spend money or raise taxes when it’s the right thing to do to invest in our country. I’ll thoughtfully consider how any resource decisions affect you.

3.       My faith will inform my decisions, but not drive them. I will respect all religions and viewpoints with a prime focus on the importance of the separation of Church and State.

4.       I will work to get “dark money” out of elections. This cancer is squeezing the middle class out of existence.

5.       I will not sacrifice the long term good for short term gain.

6.       I will work tirelessly to bring good governance back to Americans, rather than just fundraising to get re-elected.

7.       I will keep my daughter, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations in mind with every vote I cast.

8.       I will not live, or vote, in fear.

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