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Thomas Hanson, Hill County Democratic Chair,Mayor, City of Bynum  "We have a clear and easy choice in the US Congress 25th District of Texas race on November 8th. Democrat Kathi Thomas is the only worthwhile choice, and without question best qualified for the job. Her experience of running her business “Kathi Thomas Design” and living in the district makes Kathi aware of the unique challenges facing small family businesses and the families throughout the district.
 I met Kathi in March of 2016. Throughout this last year I have spoken to Kathi on several occasions.  Her beliefs and opinions on the issues that should be of great concern to all Americans, Climate Change, Infrastructure, the Economy, Higher Education, Gun Laws, immigration Reform and Healthcare are outstanding and straightforward. I truly believe Kathi will work to move our country forward and to make a better life for everyone. It is an honor to support, Kathi Thomas for the US House of Representatives."

Bob Pursley, Dripping Springs: "Kathi Thomas is a truly dedicated person  making the world a better place for all. She is not motivated by greed nor personal gain in her community service. She is not seeking personal glory.  She works to make life better for the common family.  She is a person who we can support and give thanks for knowing, who so often are not commonly found in our elected officials in Texas, where half-truths, self-interest, and political vengeance run rampart.  Kathi  Thomas is a different kind of public servant, one who serves, willing to give selflessly,  aiming for a better world."

Carol "Cally" Houck (Mother of the two young women killed in a rented unrepaired car rental. The transportation bill had a provision that would have banned this practice, but was gutted when Roger Williams inserted an amendment that exempted businesses like car dealerships.) "As a consumer advocate for auto and highway safety, I enthusiastically endorse Kathi Thomas for Congress.  She has the priories of the people, and not the auto industry lobbyists."

The Texas Federal Blue Seed PAC is pleased to endorse Kathi Thomas for US House TX-25 Kathi is one of 29 Democratic Nominees running in 36 Texas House Districts. Our nation has been held hostage much too long by extreme right-wing obstructionists who draw Congressional pay checks at the taxpayer's expense while refusing to do the important work necessary to solve our nation's most pressing problems. Ms. Thomas has a firm grasp of the REAL PRIORITIES of the people of this nation and deserves the opportunity to serve the people of Texas.

Gender aside, she is a much better choice than the incumbent. Texas desperately needs to balance our Federal delegation. Currently less than 8% of the US House and Senate members from Texas are women yet over 51% of our state's population is female. We are honored to endorse a smart, dedicated to service Democratic woman for US Congress in the Texas 25th District. We urge you to donate directly to her campaign, to volunteer and to support her on social media.

Stonewall Democrats of Central Texas

Central Labor Council, Austin

Northeast Tarrant County Democrats: The board of directors for our club voted unanimously to endorse your candidacy.

Lorenzo Sadun: "I am thrilled to see Kathi Thomas take on one of the most bitterly obstructionist congressmen in our current Texas delegation. Everybody who believes in having a Congress that actually functions should be in her corner."

Gene Whittle: Coryell County Democratic Party: "I can't run out of positive comments about Kathi.  She's energetic, educated, wise, articulate, experienced, traveled, informed on issues and would be an outstanding congresswoman for the 25th District."

Mark Hays: "I support Kathi Thomas, Democrat, for Congress in District 25. Most candidates provide little information and depend upon popular or inflammatory statements or slogans.  Kathi is definitely not one of those. In person and online she states her very thoughtful opinions, ideas and goals in a straightforward way. When I met her, she was very willing to sit and talk with me on any subject. She did not pretend to know all the answers. She is constantly seeking to learn from all the people she meets. We need more people in congress who listen and learn."

Sara Hickman, State Musician of Texas, Austin: "For over 10 years, I have worked with Kathi as a fellow humanitarian on many community and social issues. Kathi is a well informed, eloquent, compassionate and responsible person who is the type of  politician that represents the needs of many. I stand solidly behind her as not only a congressperson, but as a human being."

Steven Garza, Mayde Creek High School Young Democrats: "I do believe that Kathi can and will represent the good people of Texas, and will work tirelessly for us. I cannot wait to help her get elected and take CD 25."

James P. Akers, Dripping Springs: "Kathi has the guts to take on Texas politics. She has the passion to bring civility, honesty and fairness for all citizen."

John Adams, Dripping Springs "Kathi will be a reasoned, thoughtful voice in Congress.  It's time to start debating policy and not ideologies."

Constance Schaertl, Dripping Springs "For years, Kathi has been selfless in her service to our community and to a democracy that works for all its people."

Susie Dudley, Driftwood

Suzanne Bryant & Sarah Goodfriend, Austin

Susan Cook, Driftwood

Representative Donna Howard, Austin

Kevin Rolfes, Austin

Marcy D. Gauntt, Burnet

Jimmie Rushing, Lampasas

Andrea Peck, Kingsland

Mark and Amanda Thompson, Hamilton

Christini Englishm Hamilton

Marcy McGowen, Hamilton

Kat Sanders & Rana' Mowant, Cleburne

Joe & Cheryl Davis, Celburne

Sonya Rawlins, Cleburne

Margaret Stephens, Cleburne

Mary Ann Raesener, Meadowlakes

Nikki Berry, Lago Vista



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