What the people who know Kathi are saying about her. 


Representative Donna Howard, TX HD48, Travis County "Gerrymandering has given Central Texas little say in Congress as our representation has been cut up and sent to those in other parts of the state. Kathi Thomas has been tireless in her efforts to change that and ensure a progressive voice will be at the national table helping make policies that support our families and our communities."

Karen Ford, Principal, WaterPR, Former Hays County Commissioner: "There are many reasons why I support Kathi Thomas—her values, work ethic, compassion, courage—but it is her commitment to the protection of our natural resources and her conservation values that are particularly important to me today.

At a time when many of our leaders are turning their back on science, the environment and public outdoor places, I know Kathi will be a strong voice of reason and preservation for our national parklands, clean water, clean air, and dark night skies.

Kathi walks the walk on a very personal level. Her home in Hays County was built 19 years ago with conservation in mind—incorporating many energy saving features, landscaped with native, drought-tolerant plants, and her family lives 100 percent on harvested rainwater. Kathi worked with others on local environmental issues and testified at a TCEQ hearing to keep a large residential development from discharging their wastewater in to a pristine, seasonal Hill Country creek. She donated many hours of love and labor, year after year, to the production of the Rainwater Revival, an annual educational event of the Hill Country Alliance.

I know Kathi will represent my conservation values in Congress. I know she will do her homework on every issue and will work hard to bring others along toward sound decision-making and good public policy. I know she will vote for what is right for her district, for Texas and for our Country."

Stacy Suits, Travis County Constable Pct. 3: "Kathi is a solid Democrat who has been involved in her community for decades with Hays County Democrats. Texans can count on her to represent them well in Congress."

Donna Beth McCormick, Austin: "Kathi Thomas has been a friend for more decades than I can remember.  First in Longhorn Band, then in politics.  She is an activist of the first water, her daughter Lettie was raised at the Capitol when her mother was fighting for causes.  Lettie took her colors and books, sat on the floor and entertained herself when Kathi was testifying and visiting the Lege.  She is what the district needs to represent the citizens in D.C.  As we like today - she is tried and true!  Elect Kathi to Congress!!  And do I need to mention that she is a Democrat!!"

Sara Hickman, Texas Musician of the Year, Travis County: "Hey, y'all. I’ve known Kathi Thomas for the past 20 years. She is a candidate for Texas Congressional District 25. I became friends with Kathi because she is very active in our community and we have been at many of the same social justice events. She is a mom, wife and small business owner. She and her family performed in one of my music videos (“Palin By Comparison”), she organizes free live noon concerts in downtown Austin, and she's a hard working, progressive Democrat who believes in diversity, refugees and dreamers rights, no more walls, education opportunities for all and equality for women.

With friends like Kathi working on behalf of Texans, I know we can be a state (and country) that reflects strength, dedication to civil and human rights, higher education, immigrants rights, and an inclusive dialogue working towards and creating healthy change."

Sarah Goodfriend, Austin, Travis County: "Kathi respects and has the courage to represent ALL of her constituents CD-25."

Suzanne Bryant, Austin, Travis County: "Kathi has an amazing ability to relate to a broad spectrum of people and would represent everyone in her district."

John Adams, Former Chair, Hays County Democratic Party: "Kathi Thomas is running for CD25 in the Democratic primary.  There are a lot of Democrats competing for that nomination.  I just wanted to remind everyone that Kathi has lived in the same spot in the district for almost 18 years, worked there, been a community leader there, raised a kid there and fought for progressive Democratic values there when everyone else was too busy or too timid to take on a Republican.  She has challenged an incumbent state senator as well as the current Congressman.  She did this despite it being unlikely she could prevail. She did it because she knows her district, its needs, and because she had the moral courage to fight the good fight, without worrying about the possible outcome.  If you live in CD25 and care about progressive Democratic values, Kathi Thomas deserves your vote."

Jon Leonard, Former Chair, Hays County Democratic Party: "I am proud and pleased to endorse Kathi Thomas for United States Congress, House of Representatives, CD-25.

In the years I have known and worked with her, Kathi has been an untiring advocate of the progressive values that have made America a beacon of freedom, equality and opportunity – the same values that have made Texas the unique and special place that it is. As a member of the House of Representatives she will continue that work.

As a parent, a small business owner, and active member of her community, Kathi Thomas understands that our future success as a nation depends on the actions we take today. Strong families, strong communities, and a strong economy are dependent on good education, accessible and affordable health care, and encouraging and valuing the contributions of each and every one of us. Kathi knows that we cannot afford to leave anyone out and we cannot afford to shut ourselves off from the world – after all, Texas is the number one state when it comes to the value of its exports to the rest of the world.

Kathi Thomas, as one of our representative in Congress, will support, encourage, and develop policies and programs that keep Texas a leader in our national economy, keep our nation safe and strong and, here at home and throughout the world, make sure America remains both a staunch defender and leading exemplar of democracy."

Gary White, Hays County "Kathi has the right views and is a needed asset to Congress."

Robert Purlsey, Dripping Springs, Hays County: "I commend Kathi for her stepping up for community service and involvement, with a goal of making the world a better place. She has the drive, the initiative, and determination to see things thru to a successful conclusion. Kathi stands for right and good, and seldom accepts less than that.  She will make a truly great Congressional member in the classic Greek sense: Willing to work together to achieve greatness.
After years of mediocrity in our Congress, I for one am ready for a real change."

Laura Walters, Pastor, Lake Travis Presbyterian Church: "I've been privileged to know Kathi Thomas in many capacities - as business woman, advocate, and friend.  In all arenas, Kathi has show herself to be a person of integrity and kindness.  She will be a concerned, caring, helpful representative for all the constituents in her district.  I full endorse and support Kathi for US Congress."

Ram K. Matta, Travis County "I should be thanking you for putting yourself on the firing line. As you know, we believe you are our best hope for making a change."

Kat Sanders, Cleburne, Johnson County: "Kathi will represent 100% of the Constituents in Congressional District 25. She is fair, open minded, and eager solve problems. She is one of the hardest working people I know."

Louanne Rice, Johnson County: "Kathi came to our Johnson County Democratic Party meeting and took our questions in a MOST forthcoming manner.Then at another event in Cleburne she did the exact same thing. It was an open discussion about how WE should work for the betterment of the country."

Susan Cook, Driftwood, Hays County: "With Kathi in Congress, we will finally have someone in Washington actually representing our Texas values."

Barbara Bressette-Mills, Austin, Travis County: I've known Kathi in her continuous work and support of the arts, as a fighter for and defender of human rights, and as an active participant in community issues. She will work for the people of D-25 with all her enthusiasm - Join me in supporting her to become our next Representative!"

Becky Hobbs, Nashville,TN. Country/Americana Singer-Songwriter: "I support Kathi Thomas for Congress.  She is a "roll up your sleeves and get the job done" kind of person. She's got the blood of our mutual ancestor, Nanyehi aka Nancy Ward (1738-1822), a Cherokee war woman/peacemaker."

Cindy Fountain, Cleburne, Johnson County, Precinct 19: "I support Kathi because she understands what is needed, and is  forthright about her views."

Dona Gallagher, Gatesville, Coryell County: "Kathi is knowledgeable, articulate, experienced, & intelligent. Perfect candidate."

Heidi Gibbons, Austin, Travis County: "Kathi is smart and excellent on Democratic issues - she's willing to do the work and will represent all the people in District 25."

Linda Cox, Austin, Hays County: "Kathi is a fearless advocate for children, the environment, small businesses, and everyone who needs their voices to be heard.  She brings people together like no one else I know. Texas needs Kathi Thomas representing us in Washington!"

Grace Dormont, Dripping Springs, Hays County: "Having known Kathi for over 10 years, I can say that she is committed, honorable,trustworthy and will work hard to represent her constituents' best interests in Washington."

Kathy Carriker, Dripping Springs, Hays County: "Kathi has worked tirelessly to support our public schools and fair government. She won't bend to special interests. She is open to listening to the views of all citizens.
Thoughtful, fair and intelligent are qualities Kathi possesses and ones I want in the person who represents me in Congress!"

Elyse Rosenberg, Austin, Travis County: "I have known Kathi since college where we were music majors together. I lost touch with her, but recently reconnected. I wholeheartedly endorse her for District 25."

Deborah and Ken Stedman, Dripping Springs, Hays County: "Kathi is on the correct side of the issues. She is for the people and not herself. Kathi cares about people."

Eileen Pestorius: Austin, Travis County: "Williams is not fit to govern; he cares more for his own personal advancement than for the public. His record on immigration and women's issues is shameful. He has ducked meeting his constituents."


Alan Browder, Cleburne

Alana C. Moore, Travis County

Albert Hunter, Meridan

Allison Smith, Driftwood

Andres Ramirez, Austin

Anne Child, Dripping Springs

Anuradha Koli, Travis County

Ben Boral, Travis County Pct. 126

Betty Trent, Travis County

Bill Hammons, Burleson

Bob Drennan,Travis County

Bonnie Tulle, Hays County

Breannan Wittstruck, Austin

Brent Walters, Travis County

Bryan & Jennifer Jones, Travis County

Carolyn Hayes, Johnson County

Carrie Napiorkowski, Austin (Hays County)

Cathey Mayes, Travis County

Charlotte Broadway, Kingsland

Chris Middleton, Wimberley

Cindy Fountain, Cleburne

Cindy Fountain, Johnson County

Courtenay Paris, Travis Countym Pc.t 124

Cynthia Burleson, Kempner

Cynthia Cassidy, Driftwood

David Dickson, Austin

David Kapral, Austin

David Paschall, Lago Vista

David Wilson, Hays County

Deborah Rothchild, Hays County

Deborah Sizemore, Crowley

Deborah Stedman, Hays County

Donna Anglin, Hamilton

Doris H. Rogers, Travis County

Dorothy Knight, Wimberley

Douglas Wierman, Dripping Springs

Elaine Cardenas, Wimberley

Elizabeth Racine, Travis County

Gayatri Rao, Travis County

Gwen Snyder, Hays, Pct. 444

Heather Tabor, Dripping Springs

Jacob Avorowtz, Travis County

Jacob Smith, Travis County

James Boyzard, Hays County

Jane Ellen Jatinen, Austin

Janet Hamilton, Travis County

Janet Smith, Travis County

Javonne Gilmore, Travis County

Jeff Perry, Travis County

Jenne Barbour, Travis County, Pct. 338

Jessica Chapin, Austin

Jessica Fausak, Austin

Jessica McFarland, Travis County

Jill Williams, Austin, Hays County

Joanna Day, Austin (Hays County)

John Huff, Joshua

John Tyree, Travis County

Juantia Browder, Cleburne

Julie Reichert, Travis County

Karen Ford, Austin

Kate Burleson, Kempner

Kate Simms, Austin

Kelley & Phil Capin, Travis County

Kelsey Kling, Hays County

Kindal Baker, Dripping Springs

Kiran Thomas, Travis County

Laurie Lopez, Austin

Leslie Morvant, Cleburne

Linda Gail Leak, Hays County

Linda Kaye Rogers, Wimberley

Linda Schubert, Leander

Lisa Dreher, Travis County

Lisa Willis, Austin

Liz Raber, Burleson

Louanna Rice, Burleson

Lyn Estabrook, Travis County

Marc Ellison, Travis County

Margie Hammet, Dripping Springs, Hays County

Maria Bohoh, Austin

Marion Alsup, Austin

Marisa Luera, Travis County

Marissa Alviar, Travis County

Markin Racine, Travis County

MarthaTrautwein Hays, County

Marvadene Eves, Dripping Springs, Hays County

Maxwell Byant Stout, Travis County

Meghan Ackey, Travis County

Michae lVelarde, Travis County

Michael Ruiz, Travis County

Mike Bernhardt, Clifton

Nancy Carney, Wimberley

Nancy Dittmar, Travis County

Nancy Nichols, Travis County

Nancy Siefken, Travis County

Nancy Weaver, Hays County, Pct. 333

Nat Bradford, Austin

Palmoa June, UT Student, Austin, Travis County

Pam Groom, Travis County

Pam Humphrey, Burleson

Patrick Funiciello, Stephenville

Richard Andre, Travis County

Richard Butler, Stephenville

Robert Burrell, Hays County

Robert Gibbons, Travis County

Roger Tod, Dripping Springs

Rosemary Thornhill, Austin

Roxana Donegan, Wimberley

Ruben R.Valdes, Travis County

S.R. White, Travis County

Sam Dunn, Travis County

Sandeep Parikh, Travis County

Sarah Blyth, Travis County

Sarah Laas, Travis County

Shahin Amini, Travis County

Sharon Bates, Cleburne

Shelley K. Fleishman, Travis County

Sheri Overtonn Hays County

Shirley Schmidt, Burnet County

Silvia Tuca, Stephenville

Stacey Steinbach, Austin

Stephanie Peco, Austin, Travis County

Stephanie Peco, Travis

Stephanie Swanson, Travis County

Susan & Tom Mitchell Burnet County

Susan McDonald,(Fabulous musician!) Travis County

Tania Lopez, Cleburne

Teri Lum, Burnet County

Terry Tulle, Austin (Hays County)

Theresa Tod, Dripping Springs

Valerie Kramer, Austin

Vanessa Muri, Travis County

Veronica Magnuson, Rio Vista

Victoria Camp, Travis County

Virginia Tannebring, Wimberley

William Godby, Clifton

William Kapral, Austin












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