Why we need a New Way Forward for 2018

The House of Representatives—known as “The People’s House”—is more dysfunctional than ever.  We didn't think it could get worse, but it has. I don’t see much work going on for “the people.” The evidence is clear and overwhelming: you and I know nothing will change while Republicans have the majority.

While Congress is fiddling around with non-problems Olymptrade.com review, they are ignoring climate change, our crumbling infrastructure, our unbalanced economy, affordable higher education, comprehensive immigration reform, common-sense gun safety, and a long list of other actual problems. They have spent some time on health care, but the results are turning out to be disastrous.  “Who knew health care could be so complicated?”  …everyone except Republicans, it turns out.  Instead of working for the people on issues that impact families across America including CD25, they are dismantling safety nets for marginalized people and trashing environmental business regulations that, for decades, have made Earth safer.  Worse, they sit idly by while the White House publishes executive orders that overturn recent progress on a host of issues important to all Americans.  Can we fix this?  Yes, but we need to take Congress back in 2018.  I need your help to do that.

Do you feel like you are ‘represented” in Congress?  I don’t. Could you pick your Representative out of a line up? Don’t fret, few can. If you want your representative in your Congress to find solutions that make a real difference to you, then help me make a change in the House. You need someone who knows CD25 and someone who actually lives in this district unlike the incumbent. You need an everyday citizen, not a millionaire. You need one of the 99% who understands you and will speak for you. I believe I am that person.  Give me the chance to make you believe it too.

This outrageous White House is beyond “jumping the shark.”  Help me to ensure that the shameful, the offensive, and the disgraceful don’t become commonplace.  Ridiculous is becoming normal in Washington.  This is not normal.  We can stop the bleeding in 2018, but not unless we get serious.  Let’s work together to move our country forward in the hope and in the knowledge, that when we work together, we are stronger and smarter.

With your help, I am running for Congress in 2018, not to march in lockstep with the Democratic Party, right or wrong, but to side with reason, regardless of whether what it mandates is politically popular.  With this President, it is even more important that we elect reasonable people, lest they destroy our nation in their greed and short-sightedness.

I ask for your trust and your confidence.  In 2018, I need your vote for Texas Congressional District 25.

Promises I make to you:

1.       I will listen to you. I will represent your concerns in Washington.

2.       I am a fiscal conservative, but I may vote to spend money or raise taxes when it’s the right thing to do.  I’ll thoughtfully consider how any resource decisions affect you.

3.       My faith will inform my decisions, but not drive them. I will respect all religions and viewpoints with a prime focus on the importance of the separation of Church and State.

4.       I will work to get “dark money” out of elections. This cancer is squeezing the middle class out of existence.

5.       I will not sacrifice the long term good for short term gain.

6.       I will work tirelessly to bring good governance back to Americans, rather than just fundraising to get re-elected.

7.       I will keep my daughter, your daughter, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations in mind with every vote I cast.

8.       I will not live, or vote, in fear.

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