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Kathi has many issues listed, because everyone cares about different things, and you have a right to know where she stands on these issues. If you don't see your highest priority here, please contact Kathi and ask her, she will reply.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Campaign Finance Reform 
he Environment/Climate Change
Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy
Equal Rights
Reasonable Gun Safety Laws

The Economy/Taxes/IRS
Religious Freedom
Minimum Wage
Social Security
Drug Policy
Foreign Policy
Prison Reform


We must have comprehensive immigration reform. Building a wall will not make us safer, it will only waste precious resources that need to go to other programs in our country to make us better.



Citizens United must be overturned, or we will continue to see a very small oligarchy gain ever-increasing political power, as most citizens lose power. We are to be a government of, by and for ALL the people, not the few. People have the right to know who is financing campaigns, so they can make educated decisions. It is past time for Congress to move to amend the Constitution to declare that Money is not speech, and corporations are not people.


Clean Air: Texas has taken some strides towards cleaner air, but needs to do more. We already have rates of mercury in our air that are the highest in the nation. "Texas ranked 1st among all states in industrial mercury air pollution from power plants with nearly 12,740 pounds emitted in 2010, which accounted for 78 percent of state mercury air pollution and 19 percent of U.S. electric sector mercury pollution."  Subsequent years don't show a great change, although it is going down. Changing from coal fired to natural gas fired plants has helped. 



We should phase out our dependence on fossil fuels for power and transportation. When you think about it, it is grotesquely unconscionable to dig carbon from the ground, throw it into the air and expect our offspring to deal with the consequences. Exporing a "carbon tax" is a free market way to transition out of fossil fuel, while lowering the carbon footprint.



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Public Schools: The high stakes tests have to go. Tests should be for diagnostic testing, not for evaluating teachers and schools, unless the tests are weighted based on socio-economic levels and education readiness of each student.




The ACA is far from perfect, but every plan put forth by the Republicans we've seen is an abomination, cutting care for all the most vulnerable in our society.

Williams said he doesn’t want to “repeal and replace”, but to “repeal and revert” because he thinks that insurance worked “just fine” before.  Fine for who?



I believe all citizens should be treated equally, regardless of our gender, race, or sexual orientation.




MENTAL HEALTH:  All members of the military who have served in war areas should be screened for PTSD and TBI upon their return, and then again when they separate from the service. Too many who need this help will not get it for fear of being stigmitized, but if it was routine, and everyone had that screening upon return to the US, we could help many more people. With the suicide rates skyrocketing for those returning from the Middle East, we must do something different, and this is a way I believe we can best help the greatest number of people and their families. If they receive a diagnosis of PTSD or TBI, they need the mental and medical healthcare required to bring them back to health. It is our duty to provide this.




 We need common sense gun safety and ammunition laws. Anyone who tells you the Founding Fathers meant to be sure we would all be able to have semi-automatic weapons and privately-owned arsenals of handguns when they wrote the 2nd Amendment either has a very low opinion of the Founding Fathers or is playing you for a real sucker.



Renewing the Middle Class:  For far too long, there has been wealth redistribution, upward to Janethose at the very top. It was accomplished by a series of intentional tweaks in tax laws, changes that favor the very wealthy over middle and lower income persons. As the burden on middle class has grown heavier, it has gotten lighter on very wealthy, intensifying middle class rage against taxes. Taxes aren’t the problem, the problem is who is being taxed and the fairness of those taxes.



Thomas Jefferson wrote “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man & his god, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state.”

Our founders had seen the religious wars of Europe. Although many of our ancestors left Europe for religious freedom, that freedom sometimes did not expand to include any but their particular faith in early settlements. For that reason, I am a strong believer that the government should stay out of churches* and that the churches should stay out of government.

* For “churches” who enrich their pastors by paying them millions, allowing them to have multiple multimillion dollar homes, planes, fancy cars, and so on, I believe their tax exemption should be no more than the amount they spend on charity.


 When people don't make a living wage, they rely more on the government, local and federal, for help. As Seattle as shown, when employees have money to spend, they help the local economy, something they can't do when they're barely scraping by.




I do not support privitizing Social Security. As we saw in the economic downturn of 2008, the Stock Market lost a great deal of money for a great many people. We do not need to be gambling with the money on which many of our senior citizens depend.

I support moving the cap on wages and changing it to at least $250,000. In addition, I believe that incomes under $25,000 should be exempt from payroll taxes. Because so many low wage earners work more than one job, this should be done as an automatic refund once all the W-2's are in from all the employers. This is money that is likely to go right back into the economy, as lower wage earners tend to spend a much larger percentage of their income than those who make more.

I also support preventing the government from using Social Security money for anything other than Social Security, and believe the yearly budget should reflect a repayment schedule for all the money "borrowed" from the Social Security Fund.


I believe all children have the right to have a family. In a perfect world, all children would be born into families who are able and willing to care for them, but this is not a perfect world, and children are born to parents who are not able or willing to parent them for whatever reason. For these children, adoption into a new family, as early as possible, is their right. Children are not property to be loaned about until their biological parents are able to get it together to be able to parent them.



Given that water is an ever decreasing resource that we will always need, I support research into the less water intensive crops, better ways of watering and low cost loans to aid farmers in purchasing irrigation equipment that doesn’t waste water. Agriculture is big business in Texas, so we need to be sure we’re growing the kinds of crops that are sustainable for a successful future, not only for our soil, but for our water, too.


Illegal drugs: We must at least decriminalize recreational drugs, and I will support leglaization as well. Our ballyhooed “War on Drugs” is a grotesque, expensive failure. Why continue to follow a failed program? We need to devote our scarce resources to treatment and prevention education to reduce demand, not continue to try to interdict supply with law enforcement and prisons bulging at the seams with non-violent offenders. Prisons for profit are big political donors, and we need to understand the pressure from them and big pharma. Follow the money.



We need to fully fund and support our State Department. The best foreign policy is diplomacy. If that doesn't work, then economic pressure, and the very last choice should always be war.




We must change the way we do "corrections." We have the highest rate of imprisoned people in the world, and our recidivism rate is terrible. Other countries are doing "corrections" differently, realizing that most of these people will indeed be back out in society someday, and we need them to be a participating member of society.  In Texas, once a person has served their time and if "off paper," they are eligible for their voting rights to be reinstated, but many don't know that.


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